Day 49 – empathy

After a mont and a half, this is just as difficult it was day 1. Some days I am able to knock out everything before noon, and the latest it’s been to complete everything has been 11:55pm. The most difficult part are events where there’s meals being served. Since I am following Jack’s diet, I can only eat what he eats. There have different events such as a dinner auction, dinner at the kids’ school, hanging out with friends, etc. and all have had food/meals prepared. I really wanted to skip all of the events knowing I could sit at home and not have to deal with explaining what I was doing and why I wasn’t eating. Knowing that I would have to refuse meals made the day leading up to the event difficult for me, not because of the food, but because of the explanation.  Again, skipping out of the events would have been a lot easier for this whole process.  But I knew that Jack can’t skip out of everything for the rest of his life. He’s going to want to be involved. The biggest difference is that Jack will learn how to handle these situations in a way that is comfortable for him, at least that’s my hope. He will know how to tell people what his needs are and hopefully in a lot of cases, he can call ahead. I could have done that also, but decided against since I didn’t want to put that burden on a kitchen when there really wasn’t a need for it. One of the biggest eye openers was when I went to get lemonade or iced tea from a dispenser at an event. Chances are, Jack would be fine with those items, even at that specific event, but there is always something in the back of your mind, the “what if”?   What if that dispenser had some sort of milk product in there but wasn’t cleaned out properly.  So I didn’t drink the lemonade. As simple as that sounds, it definitely changed my outlook on the situation when I was now the person that couldn’t have something, whereas I’m normally the one that tells Jack he can’t have something.

75 days does not compare to a lifetime, but I hope that the experience along the way does allow me to help Jack through the same challenges later.