Why Reading Labels is so Important!

There is no question that my wife Mary manages Jack’s food allergies better than anyone else. Since Jack was first diagnosed Mary has been spot on with Jack’s diet and has been educating me on the importance of details.

read more than just the big bold text!

The most important advice I can give someone is to read more than just the big bold text! It is very easy to pick up a package on a store shelf and look at the bottom list for the “Contains” or “May Contain” items. Personally, I wish they would eliminate those sections ¬†as they give a false sense of security. The picture listed above shows a perfect example of a product where “EGG” is listed in the ingredient list, but is nowhere to be found on the “Contains” section. While a majority of companies and products will properly list all the allergens, it is still necessary to read the full list. The only benefit to reading the “Contains/May Contain” List before reading the full ingredient list is to quickly eliminate that product while you’re shopping. If the list says Contains/May Contain: Milk for example, I know that I do not need to read any further and I can move to the next product.






* Image Source: https://pennstatefoodsafety.blogspot.com/2017/03/cheese-ravioli-product-recalled-for.html

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